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The following content was made for education purposes, demonstrating the effectiveness of NLP and Hypnotherapy, how it's helped so many people overcome emotional problems that have stayed with them for years or decades, and how our services have helped them recover from their past emotional damages from loss of a loved one like a spouse or parent, friend, or child, loss of a pet, mental, emotional, or physical abuse, within minutes or just a few short hours.

The session videos protect the identity of our clients who chose to keep their identity private, while the change work provided in rapid speed is still demonstrated in the video, with the positive emotional improvements created in records breaking times.

Please watch and learn how Allan Galang and Helen Fong can also help you overcome your own past trauma's through the examples of these amazing people who stepped forward to overcome their emotional troubles quickly and effectively.

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Embracing Her Empowering Future After Overcoming a Painful Past

Natasha's remarkable journey unfolds when she blossoms into a young mother in her early 20s. However, it is during this time that she endures emotional turmoil, as her trust in a man is shattered and her innocent daughter becomes a victim of his harmful actions. The impact on Natasha's emotions is indescribable, leading her through a sea of negativity, including anger, sadness, hurt, and guilt.

Fast forward to her 50s, and Natasha finds herself haunted by this painful experience, which has dominated over three decades of her life. Each day, she carried the weight of these negative emotions, and the trauma inflicted upon her daughter cast a dark cloud over Natasha's ability to trust others, even familiar faces. This, in turn, took a toll on her personal and professional relationships, leaving her feeling isolated and lost.

Natasha sought solace in countless conversations with healthcare professionals, desperately searching for a way to heal her emotional pain. Yet, none were able to provide the relief she longed for, leaving her trapped in a cycle of uncontrollable tears, discomfort in social settings, and years of restless nights.

However, a glimmer of hope appeared when Natasha was introduced to Coach Allan through her circle of friends. In their very first video call session, something extraordinary happened. The weight that burdened her for three decades suddenly lifted, and she experienced an incredible sense of emotional and physical relief.

Finally, after all these years, Natasha found the strength within herself to forgive the past. She let go of the pain that once consumed her, extending forgiveness to everyone involved, including her daughter and herself. As the tension released, Natasha discovered a newfound freedom, resolve, and forgiveness, infusing her life with meaning once again.

Witness the incredible transformation as Coach Allan expertly guides Natasha through her challenging past. Together, they forge a path to empower her emotional response to these past events. Gone are the days when guilt, anger, and sadness held her captive within her own beliefs. Instead, she now stands tall, armed with power, confidence, and emotional enlightenment.

Join Natasha on this extraordinary journey and witness the incredible transformation that awaits her as she steps into a future filled with empowerment and joy.

Over A Decade Of Guilt, Transformed Into Confidence and Certainty, In Less Than 1 Hour

In this incredible video, you'll witness Coach Allan working his magic with Janet, a brave ex-army veteran who struggled with guilt for over a decade.

Can you imagine carrying such a heavy burden for so long

Guilt became a regular part of Janet's life, weighing her down every single day. It affected her personal life and her job, making everything harder for her. She lost her confidence, which prevented her from pursuing the career she truly desired.

Instead, she settled for a well-paying job that didn't bring her fulfillment.

Imagine feeling stuck in a job that doesn't make your heart sing

But that's not all. Janet's personal life was also in turmoil. She stayed in a relationship that wasn't good for her, all because she lacked confidence. It's tough to break free when you don't believe in yourself, isn't it

Now, prepare yourself for the most exciting part. Coach Allan is about to use his incredible skills in NLP and hypnosis to help Janet transform her life.

He will guide her to create new connections in her brain, breaking free from the chains of guilt. Janet will experience a shift in her emotions, feeling confident and believing in herself like never before. It's like unlocking a hidden power within her

With this newfound confidence, Janet is ready to chase her dream career. She wants to help people who are feeling stuck, just like she once did. She has the experience and belief to guide them towards a happier life. 

Watch this video from beginning to end. Witness the remarkable journey of Janet as she breaks free from guilt and transforms into a confident, certain individual.

You don't want to miss this incredible transformation. Get ready to be inspired and motivated as you see how Janet builds her ideal life of happiness. Prepare to be captivated by this life-changing story

A Life Of Childhood Fear, Transformed Into Safety And Love, In 2 Hours

In this video, you’ll witness Coach Allan working alongside Maria, a comedian personality in Europe who works with children and elderly in hospitals and care homes.

Her passion is to bring joy, laughter, and happiness to all of those around her, and especially to those whose lives are impacted by moderate to severe health challenges. 

Watch closely as Coach Allan helps Maria identify her own fears which hold her back from expanding her love of comedy career path, by discovering her fears began and dated all the way back to her early childhood, over 45 years ago

Witness Coach Allan’s ability to not only help Maria identify the main cause of her fears, but also helped her reconnect her emotional reactions to feelings of safety, love, which then became confidence and action towards going after her goals of expanding her comedic practice to help those in need experience laughter like never before. 

Over 45 years of emotional fear, causing hundreds of hours of lost production and countless faces never experiencing Maria’s gift, removed and replaced to more empowering, actionable emotions, all within the span of just under 2 hours. 

Watch closely and be amazed by Maria’s astounding emotional transformation

Jennys 20 Year Suffering From Sadness And Anger, Relieved In Under 120 Minutes

Anger & Sadness controlling influencing behavior and decision making process for Jenny W.

Duration Of Problem:
Nearly 20 Years

Emotional Distortion & Improvement Of Past Memories
To More Useful Empowering Auto Responses

Duration Of Session For Emotional Change:
2 Hours 

In this video, you’ll see Coach Allan helping their client, Jenny, remove a long history of responding to problems through sadness and anger, which made life very hard for Jenny, especially during times of hardship which required her to support her loved ones during times of need.

Sadness and anger became the controlling emotions for many of the challenging experiences Jenny was going through, especially during times of hardship regarding her marriage at the time, along with the soon to be passing of her mother who had suffered many years from a terminal illness.

Coach Allan used a technique within the Neuro Linguistic Programming methods to help Jenny lower and remove her feelings of anger and sadness, so she could live her life helping her mother without the heavy emotional burdens of sadness and anger from Jenny’s past experiences.

Watch as Coach Allan helps Jenny repeatedly using several techniques to help break Jenny’s cycle of negative emotions, even after nearly 20 years of feeling negative conditioning she had grown up with throughout her childhood and into her adult life.

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